Key Features

Multi-Cloud Support

Provision OSCAR clusters on on-premises, public and federated Clouds


Kubernetes clusters grow and shrink according to the workload


Compose data-driven serverless workflows with a Functions Definition Language

Flexible Interfaces

REST API, Web-based GUI and CLI (Command-line Interface)

Built on Kubernetes

OSCAR’s services use Kubernetes components for easier extensibility

Open Source

Distributed under the Apache 2.0 License in GitHub. Also offered as SaaS

Serverless for Compute-Intensive Processing

OSCAR supports data-driven serverless computing for file-processing applications. Services will be triggered in response to a file upload to an object storage back-end in order to execute a user-defined shell script inside a container provisioned out of an user-defined Docker image. These will be orchestrated as a Kubernetes batch jobs. The output data will be uploaded to any object storage back-ends support. Synchronous invocations available.

Support for Multiple Storage Back-ends

Each OSCAR cluster features a MinIO installation so that file uploads trigger the execution of the file-processing applications. Other storage back-ends are supported for file storage output including Amazon S3 and the EGI DataHub (based on Onedata). These can be chained to create data-driven workflows of functions

Kubernetes-based Architecture

An OSCAR cluster is entirely based on dynamically deployed elastic Kubernetes clusters that can grow and shrink in terms of the number of nodes thanks to the CLUES elasticity system. Clusters self-adapt to the incoming workload by provisioning additional nodes up the limit configured at deployment time.

Automated Deployment on Multi-Clouds

An OSCAR cluster can be provisioned from the CLI using EC3 but the simplest approach is to use the Infrastructure Manager (IM) Dashboard, which provides a streamlined process of deploying the cluster on any Cloud that you have access to.

Serverless Workflows for the Cloud Computing Continuum

OSCAR is integrated with SCAR, an open-source tool to execute generic applications on AWS Lambda, the Functions as a Service (FaaS) provided of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows creating serverless workflows across the Cloud computing continuum, where some lightweight processing occurs in an on-premises Cloud (or in the edge) and intensive computing takes place in AWS Lambda. SCAR is also integrated with AWS Batch, a managed service to provision auto-scaled clusters in AWS Batch. This allows executing event-driven serverless workflows for applications that require intensive computing or specialized accelerated hardware such as GPUs.

Ready to get started?

You can deploy an OSCAR cluster on your favourite Cloud via the IM Dashboard. No need to register. You will authenticate via EGI Check-In. Not ready yet? Get acquainted first with OSCAR by browsing its documentation. Whenever you are ready …

Deploy your OSCAR cluster